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Newport Beach FloristAre you looking for amazing flowers for an upcoming event, to keep your location stocked with  bouquets and stems or for delivery when needed? The Newport Beach florist more locals turn to for their flowers is none other than 800RoseBig.

Brides have been relying on 800RoseBig for a lot of years and  it’s easy to see why! You absolutely won’t find better prices on wedding floral packages that include everything you need for your wedding- and packages are completely customizable, so you can take out items you don’t have a need for and replace them with other items you want. You can build on your wedding package by adding on additional items at an incredible 50% discount.

Brides with every size budget imaginable come to 800RoseBig to plan the perfect wedding. There are several sizes of wholesale wedding packages to choose from, as well as Do It Yourself wedding packages that are ideal for anyone on a tight budget that is not willing to sacrifice on their flowers.

One of the most popular wedding packages is the medium-sized package that was $1,600 but is now priced at just $899, and includes all of the following:

– 14 gorgeous centerpieces
– 1 dozen beautiful roses
– 1 beautiful bridal bouquet
– 2 bridesmaids bouquets
– 1 pretty flower girl basket
– 2 mother’s corsages
– 2 rose boutonnieres: 1 for the groom and 1 for the best man
– 2 pedestal arrangements

The Newport Beach florist offers a wide range of options for customizing your wholesale wedding package to make it absolutely perfect for your needs. Stop by the shop for a free consultation with a floral expert to help you plan your wedding and enjoy the best prices in the area on incredible, big, fresh flowers you have to see to believe!

Thinking about doing it yourself to save money? Don’t think of going anyplace else for your flowers- you’ll pay two to three times as much anyplace else as you will at 800RoseBig and the quality won’t even be close. Choose from a wide range of DIY wedding packages that include packages with everything in them you need to create centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and more, or shop for affordable DIY packages that are geared toward meeting a specific need at your wedding.

For example, you can purchase a very affordable DIY package called My Center Pieces for just $139.99 that will make 6 beautiful centerpieces for your wedding- an unbelievable deal! This package comes with 6 dozen roses, 12 hydrangeas, 2 bunches of greens and 6 fish bowl vases. Choose similar packages for all of your wedding needs.

The DIY My Mini Wedding is an amazing deal at $199.99 and includes the following pre-made personals for your wedding:

– 12-rose bridal bouquet
– 2-6 rose bridesmaids bouquets
– 2 boutonnieres
– 2 corsages

Take advantage of the best prices in Newport Beach at the florist locals shop every day of the week for award-winning, jaw-dropping flowers that will absolutely not disappoint! Stop in or call 949-698-2014 if you have questions. Newport Beach Florist