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Wedding Flowers Wholesale Orange CountyPurchase your wedding flowers at wholesale prices at Orange County florist 800RoseBig. A wedding on the horizon is a stressful event. Let the experts at 800RoseBig take some of the pressure off of you by helping you plan for your wedding with amazing, beautiful flowers that will not disappoint.

Whatever the size of your budget, there is a package or solution to meet your needs at 800RoseBig. You can currently purchase a spectacular wedding package for your event at up to 50% off of the usual price. That means packages that are typically $1299 are now just $699, $1799 packages are $899 and $2399 packages are an unbeatable $1199. These wedding packages include everything you would expect for your wedding, including the centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets, baskets, corsages, boutonnieres and additional roses.

Not everyone is a born wedding planner. Take heart- the experts at 800RoseBig are more than happy to provide you with professional advice and assistance for planning your wedding, making recommendations for color-options and package size. If you’re on a tight budget, you can rest easy knowing their team can make your budget go further than any other florist in the area. For the most beautiful wedding flowers at wholesale prices, contact the Orange County local’s first choice.

Customers who are Do-it-yourself experts at heart may find they would prefer to order from the DIY packages available from 800RoseBig. In fact, the mix and match options can make your budget go further than you can possibly imagine. For example, the I Love Roses Special is a great place to start, with 150 roses at the unbelievable price of $119, you’ll have a great start in making your bouquets and arrangements.

Complement the I Love Roses Special with one or two of the incredible add-on specials at just $99.99 each, such as: 30 blue or white hydrangeas, or 10 steps each of Cala lilies, daisies and orchids. For just $139.99 you can choose My Center Pieces special that will make up to 6 amazing centerpieces and is less than half the usual price.

My Mini Wedding is a pre-made package of personals that includes:

– A 12-rose bridal bouquet
– 2 6-rose brides maids bouquets
– 2 boutonnieres
– 2 corsages

At the low cost of $199.99, My Mini Wedding is perfect for planning a small wedding when you don’t want to compromise on flowers. You can call around, but in the end, you’ll find there is no other florist in the area that offers wedding flowers at the same wholesale prices. Orange County expert wedding planners from 800RoseBig are happy to help you plan for your big day.

Be sure to join the 5-star VIP program that is especially for the bride after the wedding and is absolutely free, just for signing up and sending in photos of the wedding flowers. Brides will receive a variety of free gift certificates from 800RoseBig, including a first anniversary gift, a first or next baby gift, baby shower gift and a gift for referrals after the wedding.

Call a specialist from 800RoseBig at 949-698-2014 with any questions you may have or stop in when you’re in the neighborhood. 800RoseBig is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Wedding Flowers Wholesale Orange County