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800RoseBig Wholesale Discount Wedding Florist Orange County

800Rosebig wholesale wedding florist in Newport Beach, Ca. is the top wedding florist in Orange County, California. If you are looking for discount wedding flowers we offer wholesale wedding packages for any size of wedding, call 800RoseBig to learn more.

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If you are looking for wedding flowers, bridal flowers we simply have the most fantastic wedding choices here with the largest selection I love roses hydrangea lilies daisies succulent’s orchids carnations Garden roses vases centerpieces candelabra arrangements! Stunning bridal bouquets, 800 Rosebig is the largest wedding florist in California, Newport Beach, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and everywhere in Southern California we deliver.

Save 50% or more on our wholesale wedding floral packages, bridal shower flowers at 50% off! Delivery and setup available! Free consultations and estimates! Seasonal flowers are our specialty. Open seven days a week and we deliver seven days a week! To all wedding venues, bring your wedding coordinator friends and family members for a great consultation Nancy’s sample flowers from all over the world all-in-one super store located right off the 405 in Newport Beach! Wedding wire florist of year The Knot florist of the year, bridal channel florist of the year!

Watch the 800 Rose Big TV show on Bridal Channel every day seven days a week on Cox cable and Time Warner and on Roku in the lifestyle section Live 24 hours a day! Go to the website Bridal Channel and watch all the shows for free! Have your beautiful wedding style by our award-winning designers, meet the most talented people in the industry and by all at wholesale pricing save 50% now, call us for a free consultation and estimate at 50% off!

Family owned and operated for 53 years with over 10,000 weddings and Thousands of satisfied customers. What do you want to glamorous full service wedding at the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons or the montage, or a beautiful do-it-yourself wedding packages for your backyard we have an all is 50% off! We are the highest rated wedding florist in the country with over 505 5 star reviews in the last two years, on the Internet! If you love gorgeous wedding flowers I want to meet the biggest wedding florist I want the nicest floral designs imaginable and have them all styled to perfection you must come to 800 Rosebig, Open seven days a week from 7 AM a.m. till 9 PM, we have thousands of vases, free rental of all our candelabras and pedestal vases, many free gifts, free rose petals, free sample bouquets, free boutonniere’s and corsage, free dozen roses for the cake table, Come choose your flexible wedding package and choose your free gifts! All is 50% off! Our superstore is over 4000 ft. with tons of free parking located one block or 405 in beautiful Newport Beach!

Come visit us seven days a week seeing the best in floral designs and wedding creations and enjoy a beautiful day in scenic Newport Beach! We are right by John Wayne Airport, Down the block from the Benihana restaurant just off Bristol at the 73! Bring the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, father of the bride and all your friends and relatives and enjoy the complementary bridal channel Café where you can watch all the bridal channel shows and great movies about weddings like father of the bride while you’re enjoying your consultation I’m sampling all are beautiful flowers! What free Starbucks coffee cookies cakes chocolate and snacks you’ll have a great experience and our huge establishment! Since we do about 15 to 20 weddings every weekend the place is packed with flowers bouquets centerpieces arrangements arch decorations, gazebo decorations, chupa decorations, wedding ceremony decorations wedding venue decorations and much much more! We are also fabulous at all party and event floral design, whether it’s a bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, graduation ball memorial service we are a full-service florist that has amazing ways!

Winner of the prestigious American Express merchant favorite award we take all credit cards MasterCard Visa Discover and debit cards. You want to send a dozen roses, need a bouquet for your wife or secretary or girlfriend we are a full-service forest open to the public at wholesale prices with the largest selection of any florist anywhere! As a wholesaler for over 40 years our company established ourselves as the top wholesaler in America supplying hundreds of florists with their flowers, now we have open the doors to retail customers to come and buy all these fabulous flowers at wholesale to the public pricing!

Never before have you been able to buy 50 roses for $39.99 have them arranged beautifully as a bouquet or in a vase for delivered anywhere you need them to be delivered what here at 800 Rose Big we do it every day. We’re the only florist it’s open seven days a week and delivered 7 days a week! Call our toll-free 800ROSEBIG – 949 698 2014, email us at 800RoseBig@Gmail.com. Bridal salons, wedding photographers, wedding dress companies, wedding DJs, wedding jewelers, and so many wonderful wedding venues recommends us throughout the industry!

Whether you’re getting married in Santa Barbara or San Diego, from Palm Springs to riverside, all over LA, and in every county in Southern California, we deliver every day! We can also recommend beautiful beauty salons and spas FOR brides to get facials and hair and makeup done, as well as great wineries from Temecula and all over San Diego, we go to THEM ALL!




Amazing five-star review! From Janice K.
Amazing wedding flowers! 800Rosebig didn’t incredible job on my wedding this month at Tivoli Terrace. I’m so pleased with the way Freddy help me choose all the flowers and how we style my wedding. I got gorgeous white hydrangeas and Vandella roses throughout my whole wedding party it really looked amazing and even my mother who was super picky about Bridal Flowers because she lives in Orange County and is aware of all the great florist in the area was a little suspicious first about the super low prices here at 800Rosebig.But as soon as she came in the store that Freddy it is wonderful staff sore all the beautiful flowers and arrangements she was like wow! What was so amazing as they were doing about 10 weddings and they were beautiful centerpieces and bouquets around the whole store took place was hopping it was only garage they’re working on their wedding flowers we really felt like we were in the coolest place in the world! My mother walked right over to the table sore gorgeous centerpiece with roses hydrangeas Lillys Gerber daisies and she said wow this is perfect, I ran over there I took one look at it and I said yes this is exactly what I want I asked them if I can have it made in blush pink roses and some beautiful lavender fillers as those are my wedding colors not only did Freddy say sure but he had a designer web lineup in just a few minutes. It was beautiful we sat down for about 15 minutes went over all the accounts and everything and then he loaned me all divorces and pedestal columns for free including two big goal candelabras that we’re gonna be perfect for my ceremony! I was so excited but it was a big wedding and we are on a tight budget, my mom asked him if he can do the whole wedding for about $2000. He came back in a few minutes and he showed me how he could get it done for $2150 including complete delivery setup and installation plus tax! I was so happy my mother booked them on the spot you know I really appreciate 800Rosebig David Yvette

Five star review from Beth Olsen incredible fresh flowers!
I came to 800ROSEBIG Wholesale wedding florist in orange county, good located in Newport Beach, and have a huge retail flower shop where they sell the freshest roses flowers hydrangeas lilies arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets all at wholesale prices. I say 50% off my entire order! I’ve never seen so many flowers in my life! The staff was really friendly and Freddie the owner’s son gave me a great deal! My wedding was at my home in Santa Anna, so I was on a tight budget. I first planned on doing it myself, a DIY wedding bride. The save money my friend was going To help me, and when we came in so all the wholesale wedding packages on sale for 50% off we realized that we can afford to have our wedding done by floral designers and get a much higher quality look for the same price! Hi both them on the spot and they did amazing job. I’m thrilled with all my wedding flowers and they made my special day even more beautiful! I get a big kick out of Freddy, is really funny and I watched him on the bridal channel TV show, he said he was going to put my wedding flowers on the show in the fall season. I’m telling all my friends to watch bridal channel it’s a great funny show what lots of cool brides brides maid’s mother of the bride’s father of the bride and so many other wedding professionals! The show I watch that the store had wedding coordinators and wedding photographers being interviewed about their favorite wedding venues. Of course 800 Rose big as the top wedding florist is featured in every show because they shoot to shows at the store. As a business person not exactly in the wedding industry I was very impressed about a florist that has an arrangement with the TV show like bridal channel to promote their business and all their other friends in the wedding industry. While I was there one of the wedding invitation companies was setting up a display for the weekend. They have open houses every weekend for the brides and they always promote the neighborhood businesses. I think these guys really have a great business an overall I’m extremely satisfied and lucky that I found them!
Five-star review from Cindy Benjamin married April 15 Laguna Beach Awesome Flowers super low price!
800Rosebig really is great at first when I came in there I never thought that I could get such a big beautiful wedding for such a low price believe me they had huge candelabra arrangements they had centerpieces they had bridal bouquets they had practically every flower in the world probably a thousand different bosses I didn’t even know what to do and when I met Freddy he was so kind and caring and told me not to worry that he would take care of everything. When he asked me my budget I just told them I didn’t really have a budget but I couldn’t spend $3000 on Wedding Flowers and I wanted those big gold candelabras so he said no problem will start with using the free gift coupon free loaner of pedestal bosses or candelabras perfect I saved 600 bucks right then and there we went through the whole wedding water when I walked in there there were so many samples for all the other brides that were coming in for their review appointment that it was so easy to pick out my version of that. I knew the place was right when I first walked in because there was at least five other brides they’re working with their designers on their weddings and everything they were working on was just beautiful and perfect. I’m so happy I met Freddy at 800Rosebig Wholesale Wedding Florist in Orange County in Newport Beach and let me tell you they delivered everything perfect Superfresh and on time and I was so happy to see that Freddy was the host of the Bridal Channel television show on the Bridal Channel TV network he’s so funny you got to call him you got to meet him he’s wonderful thank you so much to Freddy and all his wonderful staff!