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Let’s talk bridal bouquets! The bridal bouquet is the most important most beautiful most special and sentimental part of the bride’s wedding flowers! It can be the trademark signature piece of her wedding scene and thousands of pictures and remembered for years the bridal bouquet is the bride’s most important piece and since the bride is the star of the wedding the most important person their, the bridal bouquet must be absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal one-of-a-kind perfect just for her.

There were two absolutely stunning choices for a bridal bouquet. The first is the most popular the round hand-tied hand wrapped OK is the first choice of all young modern brides today.

You’ve probably seen these bouquets many times their round in size and shape usually a cluster of flowers connected by a beautiful satin ribbon on the bottom these beautiful bouquets are very adorable for young active bride that likes to jump up and down and dance and party at her wedding because when you lay them down on the table in between dances and taking pictures they hold their shape and they won’t break apart. The other bouquet I want to talk about today is the old-fashioned traditional cascading bouquet. Yes that’s the one that has a teardrop droop hanging down from the center-crown usually draped with some beautiful orchids or calla lilies. The cascading bouquets are more traditional you’ve probably seen them at your parents wedding more often than not it was the first choice of many brides years ago. Today’s brides have a different version and both of them work well for any bride. If you’re a very tall bride you might want to cascading bouquet because that will fit a very tall body very nice and proportionate way. If you’re a shorter bride maybe 5 foot six or shorter we recommend the round bouquet because it keeps your entire body frame in person and makes you look thinner. The other drawback to the cascading bouquet is its lack of durability. Because of its long drooping orchids or cow lilies the stems tend to get tangled up in the bridal gown or when you place them down on the table they tend to snap off as orchids are fragile. If you choose a cascading bouquet you might want to consider just putting it down very carefully one time and leaving it down for the entire evening so that you don’t risk having the long stems break apart.

So now that we others that the basic types of bridal bouquets let’s see what happens when we had bridesmaid bouquets to the mix. Bridesmaids bouquets are generally one third smaller or half the size and usually they are made with matching flowers. The reason for this is group pictures. With so many beautiful pictures being taken by so many people the group photos of the ladies at the wedding is one of the highlights of the photo sessions. Imagine having a bride in the middle with the big gorgeous over-the-top bouquet draped by several bridesmaids holding smaller beautiful yet matching bouquets. This energy is very important as the bride the store the night must always be highlighted in all the photos. Some people get confused about toss bouquets made of honor bouquets or small bouquets for maybe a tiny little flower girl all these bouquets should be matching to the bridesmaids bouquets and miniature smaller versions. A good trick is also to match the corsages to the bridesmaids bouquets and to match the grooms boutonniere to the bridal bouquet has of course the bride and groom will be in many pictures together we need to coordinate those items as well.